Book Review – Alchemy – Sheba Karim

This genre of Erotic fiction has kind of blown up these days. Thanks to 50 Shades Of Grey. If someone agrees or not, but I believe that people have got more open about reading erotic fiction post the release of 50 shades of grey. Alchemy is a collection of erotic short stories and it was the first time I was reading erotic short stories. Sheba Karim, who has edited the first part of Alchemy has selected all these short stories while she was on a road trip from US to Mexico.

Alchemy features 13 short stories in total, covering almost all the aspects of erotica that you can think of. The titles of the stories are as follows

1.  The Farmer’s Daughter by Rabi Thapafront_alchemy

2. Clay by Gudiya

3. Sanskrit by Ranbir Sidhu

4. Abandon by Shrimoyee Nandini

5. Mouth by M. Svairini

6. A Foreigner by Amitava Kumar

7. Semen, Saliva, Sweat, Blood by Hansda Sowendra Shekhar

8. F is for Free by Abeer Hoque

9. The Periscope by Lopa Ghosh

10. The Matinee by Mohan Sikka

11. The Marrying Kind by Mary Anne Mohanraj

12. The Monk by Ananda Devi

13. Next Year At The Taj by Sheba Karim

All these stories here are based on human relationships and desires. How dark they can get and how wild can people’s fantasy go. If you are into reading erotica and want to explore this genre of erotic short stories, give Alchemy a try, it might turn out to be a pleasant surprise for you.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher :  Tranquebar, Westland
Genre : Anthology, Erotica
ISBN : 978-93-82618-03-4

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