Book Review – A Pleasant Kind Of Heavy and Other Erotic Stories – Aranyani

a-pleasant-kind-of-heavy-and-other-erotic-stories-400x400-imadjkrtkznzxkc4A stark red cover, purple text, urban settings,  9 short stories and 210 pages, a perfect blend to look forward to. A pleasant kind of heavy and other erotic stories by Aranyani came in yesterday along with two other books and I decided to pick this up. Not because it is erotica, because I like the overall look and feel of the book. I began reading it last evening only and finished it in a single go.

The book features 9 vivid stories that imagination run wild. Strong characters, subtle narration, no vulgarity  and the undercurrents developed through words will definitely grip you. The desires of a woman, the lust and the imagination have been weaved in each of the stories with extreme care and in a sophisticated way.

Though I am not too fond of short stories genre, but Aranyani’s writing is powerful and engaging that I just couldn’t put the book down and also what entices you is the anonymity of the author. All the stories are subtle and are definitely not pornographic. Out of all the 9 stories, I enjoyed reading A nice polite girl in which Chellama, the protagonist of the story has moved out of a relationship with her boyfriend Nauzer and her life takes a suddenly takes a new course. Also, Leaving Broken Bridge, Triptych and A pleasant kind of heavy are the stories I liked reading.

Overall, the book is worth giving a shot if you like reading erotica. Weird, sensual and definitely enchanting, the book will definitely be enjoyed by those who want to know about dynamics of desire and body-centered feminism.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Aleph Book Company
Genre : Short Stories, Erotica
ISBN : 978-93-82277-10-1

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