Book Review – 55 A Novel – Chetan Chhatwal

full 55 final revertdI decided to read 55 when I read one of the interviews by Chetan Chhatwal at a web portal. I must quote the line here from that interview that highly impressed me

An apple laptop. If you’re still using a PC, you need to rethink your entire life.

Being a Mactard, I could totally connect to Chetan’s thinking and decided to read his book. And then I got to meet him at Jaipur Literature Festival after interacting with him on twitter and having an EPIC Facepalm moment while at it, when I accidentally sent him a DM which was supposed to be a tweet. 😛

Okay, enough anecdotes. Now let’s get on with the review of the book. If I have to summarise 55 in one word, it would be HILARIOUS. I don’t even remember when was the last time I laughed so much while reading a book. I was travelling in a train yesterday and kept grinning all the time while reading this book. Only I know, how I controlled myself from laughing out loud.

55 is a story about the life of Arjun Singh, a rich sikh guy living in South Delhi who is used to all the upmarket things. The book talks about the transitions that take place in his life in the most unexpected ways. While he dreams of studying economics in St. Sebastian, the best college in Delhi University, he lands up at St. Augustus College doing BA in mathematics because of a major goof up related to his board exams.

Arjun’s friends, Pandit, Rish & Partho all land up in the same college and hence begins the typical life of college students. Being ragged, bunking classes, desperate to get laid and all that jazz. One thing that keeps bothering Arjun all the time is his turban. He is just too paranoid about wearing a turban and thinks that his turban is the reason that things keep on going wrong with him all the time.

Chetan Chhatwal is definitely an author to watch out for. 55 is his first book and is already creating a buzz and it deserves all the praise. While he has successfully managed to maintain the humour quotient of his book, he also hasn’t missed out on the equation between the characters and their thought process. The kind of friendship that Arjun shares with his friends is totally relatable and at times it would remind you of the times you have spent with your friends.To sum the review up I would say that, if you are a sucker for light and witty reads, then 55 should definitely be in your reading list. I highly recommend this one.

Book Source : Author
Publisher : Random House India
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-8184-001792

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