Book Review – The 10 Secrets Of Entrepreneurs – Keith Cameron Smith

the-10-secrets-of-entrepreneurs-how-to-stop-being-just-an-employeeI had heard a lot about Keith Smith’s The Top 10 Habits Of Millionaires but never really got a chance to read it and when I got to know about 10 Secrets of Entrepreneurs, I made sure that I do not miss out on this one and I am glad that I didn’t.

In this book, the author has summarised the whole deal what we call as entrepreneurship as a process of constant learning. Right from the point you conceptualise something till you finish up the project report which has been executed to the perfection, for an entrepreneur, every step is a learning step. Also, the author has explained the difference between an entrepreneur and an employee with examples and his personal experiences.

Each secret mentioned in the book is a quote in itself. I want to share these quotes here but that would take away the essence of the book. I would rather advise you to pick up this book and try to understand what author is trying to say in here. I am sure many mind blocks shall be removed. For young entrepreneurs, I would highly recommend this book, it will help you to not to fiddle around with situations too much and will give you a right perspective to look at things.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Piaktus Books, Hachette India
Genre :  Non-Fiction, Business
ISBN : 978-0-7499-5891-6

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