Blame It On Ram Kapoor. Errrrrrr.

I dont know, might sound crazy to most of you, but yes Ram Kapoor and his so called “First Sexual Enocunter” after his wife “Priya Kapoor” on a popular daily soap “Bade Achche Lagte Hai” went completely viral on twitter last night. I’d like to take the blame for it because I live tweeted the whole show adding up to the prevailing outrage 😛

There was a lot of anticipation about this whole episode because of the promos and the kind of show it is. Ram Kapoor is definitely a household name and so is Sakshi Tanwar (Of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki fame) . The promos about “They are gonna have sex” were shown every now and then making it uncomfortable for some people and giving rest others a fun topic to discuss and freak out.

In the past, I have live tweeted so many events and have got some professional experience on it also, so I thought, it would be fun to live tweet the whole thing. And Trust me, the rage it generated was mind boggling. It has never happened with me before coz my mentions got so flooded that it was unable to reply to all of them.

And my Twitter friend @Ruminativa (Jyothi) asked me the blog all the tweets that I posted last night in a blog post and taking her advice seriously, I’m putting them all of them here. Enjoy.

1. And they smooched. #BALH

2. And that was an awesome way to STFU a women Ram Kapoor. Awesome. Way to go. #BALH

3. And Priya got senti. #BALH

4. Dear Priya, Let the guy speak. Will you ? #BALH

5. Priya trying to seduce Ram with her romantic talks #BALH

6. Ram Strikes Back and accepts he kissed priya coz he wanted her to STFU ! #BALH

7. And Ram accepts her love for Priya #BALH

8. Ram telling Priya how he changed himself for Priya #BALH

9. Pehle Priya Chilla Rahi Thi, Aaj Ram Chilla Raha hai.#BALH Wah Re Ekta Kapoor. Kya formula hai chutiya banane ka.

10.  Okay. Ram successfully managed to STFU Priya with his senti speech #BALH

11. Ram said I Love You. Awwww 😛 #BALH

12. And Priya closes the door #BALH

13. And Priya is getting horny. Romantically horny 😛 #BALH

14. Ab Shuru #BALH

15. +1 “@ChotuMissMuffet: Okay..Now this can’t be watched further with parents around”

16.  Uthiye warna ghutno mein dard ho jayega. Priya says this to Ram #BALH

17. And Priya trying to embarass Ram, by making him speak I Love you again and again #BALH

18. And Priya feeling sleepy ! 😛 #BALH

19. Okay Lagta Hai, Ram kapoor ka Viagra waste ho jayega aaj #BALH

20. Haha. On Popular Demand 😛 “@Sritika: Oye @iYatinGupta ab Bade achhe lagte hain bhi live tweet karne laga hai tu?! :P”

21. Priya trying to KLPD Ram #BALH

22. And Ram said Priya tumhara hook khula hai 😛 #BALH

23. and Ram managed to charge up Priya quite successfully ! 😛 #BALH

24. #JeeHaan #FML “@lo_karlo_baat: this @IYatinGupta looks like a maa behen ka sataya hua daily soap watcher :p”

25. And Priya is all charged up and saying no more sleeping on couch. Lets break the bed tonight (She Means) #BALH

26. And I’m being trolled. This has got nothing to do with #BALH

27. And now they’re gonna make love Jodhaa Akbar Style ( Inn Lamho Ke Daaman mein playing) WTF #BALH

28. Okay, aaj Ram Kapoor pakka pitega apni wife se. #BALH

29. Yeh log kapde kab utaarenge 😛 #BALH

30. OMG! #BlameItOnMyWieght 🙂 “@crazy_jugni: I feel @iYatinGupta  relates to ram kapoor… A lot… N i wonder why so :p :p”

31. Saala, heights hai yeh toh. No more live tweeting. Channel Changed. #BALH

32. Hahahaha! “@ManojG7: #BALH #savitabhabhi needs to teach Ram some positions”

33. Okay. Something like what Draupadi faced is happening right now . #BALH

34. This is for the first time that Ram is doing Cheer Haran #BALH

35. They’re gonna smooch again and here again Priya managed to succesfully KLPD Ram #BALH

36. Okay. Commercial Break. Time to reply to flooded mentions #BALH


38. Ram Kapoor trending again. #BlameItOn @iYatingupta 😛

39. And Ram Kapoor taking off Priya’s ornaments. Scratch Free Sex He Wants #BALH

40. And what the fuck is happening seriously. It feels like I’m watching some X rated Indian Porn #BALH

41. And Mom walked out of room. Soch rahi hongi bada besharam ladka hai mera #BALH

42. And there he took off her earrings #BALH

43. And dear married couples on twitter, don’t blame me if you break your beds tonights after reading my tweets on #BALH

44. OMFG, They smooched and it was shown on TV #BALH

45. Dear Ekta Kapoor, you’ve seriously broken all the rules. #Epic #BALH

46. And now they’re lying naked on Ram Kapoor’s bed and the bed is safe. #BALH

And this whole series of 46 tweets, made all the followers crazy.  In a show of 30 mins, I posted around 50-60 tweets (or may be more). Just imagine how insanely I was typing to the whole thing.

There was not only me, but many others who were doing the same. Some people tagged it as “Heights of Joblessness” and 2-3 people unfollowed me (which included my favorite twitter user) by saying I spammed their timelines. Yes, I literally spammed everyone, but it was FUN.

Ram Kapoor trended on Number 1 in India and he was also trending worldwide. Most of the people said that “Sex Sells”. I say, “Sex Sells, if you know how to sell it” and Ekta Kapoor, hats off to you to bag all the limelight with a mere 30 minute show.

There are so many jokes, sarcastic comments and things are still going on Twitter, and Ram Kapoor (click on the link to read) has maintained a strong position in the current trending topics as well. And thats his current status(check the pic). Wish I had taken a screen shot of the moments when he was trending worldwide.

So, that was about it. I am not much of a Daily Soap addict, but yes, when you have one TV in your house, then you have to watch them forcefully. Can’t fight with your mom over such silly things.

P.S. Just after a few moments, I posted this blogpost. Anisha Mistry (@Mistry89) sent me this picture uploaded by Shamma ( @Shamma_92) in which Ram Kapoor is trending worldwide.

Yatin Gupta

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  1. 46 tweets for a 30 minutes show. they truly say Light travels faster than sound!! looking forward for more live tweets on the TV Fuckery!!!

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