Bird In A Banyan Tree – Bina Ramani

Bina Ramani, the name rung a bell when I first got to know that she is comingbird-in-a-banyan-tree-400x400-imadqgjuv5yn2gzk with her memoir. After a bit of googling, I connected the dots and realised that she is related to the Jessica Lal murder case that took the country by a storm.  The publishers had shared an excerpt from her memoir and after reading it, I decided to pick this book up which graced my shelf, thanks to the publishers, Rupa Books.

Bina Ramani is a popular fashion designer, entrepreneur, restaurateur, social worker, visionary and a socialite. But these are just a few names that she has earned because of her work. After reading her book, I should say that Bina Ramani is a strong woman. After the kind of hardships that she has gone through in her life, one would have given up long back. But she fought back with all the adversities and came out strong and that’s what Bird In A Banyan Tree is all about.

Coming from a conservative and illustrious Sikh family that moved to Bombay from Pakistan after the tumultuous partition of India in 1947, Bina inherited a lot of her personality traits from her parents but she had always wanted to live an independent life full of glitz and glamour which came to her in the later years of her life.

Bina candidly writes about her affair with Late Shammi Kapoor. How Mrs. Krishna Kapoor, wife of Late Raj Kapoor, played a vital role in bringing both of them together and how Raj Kapoor was averse to the idea of Shammi and Bina getting married as he treated Bina as his younger sister and knew his brother really well. How she got married to her first husband Andy and the years of pain, torture and sadness that followed. How life threw unexpected surprises and shocks at her when she least expected it to and was on the verge of falling apart.

Fighting to be with her daughters (Malini and Gitanjali) against her ex-husband’s disastrous mood swings followed by life threatening cancer and setting up a business so that she could pay for the education of her girls at one of the premium schools of the country and live a normal, comfortable life and many other adversities pounced on Bina one after the other but she came out strong and victorious. Having worked for Taj Group for year which was also her first job to setting up her own boutique Once Upon A Time, which redefined fashion in India, Bina had come a long way along with an exponential growth in her skills and fame.

The last couple of chapters of the book are dedicated to the Jessica Lal’s murder case and how it opened a pandora’s box for Bina and her family. They were testing times for the entire family and fighting against people with strong political backing was not easy for her.

This and a lot more, Bird In A Banyan Tree is a book that takes you to a journey of a woman whose life took strange turns when she thought it is settling down. The narrative of the book is tight & gripping but there are times you just want to skip a few paragraphs and hop on to a new page or a new chapter. The book gets so candid at times that you feel like the author is sitting right next to you and sharing anecdotes from her life. Overall, a good and gripping memoir that has its moments.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Rainlight, Rupa Books
Genre : Non-Fiction, Memoir
Price : Rs. 500/-

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