Before We Met – Lucie Whitehouse

before-we-met-400x400-imadqgmzhshkuxupIt is always a pleasure to explore new authors, more so, when you end up loving their books. I’d never heard about Lucie’s name before, I was just browsing through the catalogue that I’d received from Bloomsbury and the cover of the book caught my attention. After reading the blurb of the book, I found it intriguing and decided to give this book a shot. Honestly, I didn’t had much expectation from this book while I picked it up but this book surprised me and how. Before We Met is a psychological suspense thriller, which made it an unputdownable read for me.

Hannah Reilly lived in New York. She had a job and was doing fairly well. Originally from London, Hannah has moved to New York because of her job and was enjoying her life to the fullest. Her mother and her brother Tom still lived in London. Tom was married with two children and he had always wanted Hannah to get married and settled down but Hannah always wanted to live her life on her own terms and whims. Suddenly on one weekend in New York, Hannah meets Mark and things change drastically for her in coming weeks.

Mark Reilly, a successful business at the age of 23 is based in London. Apart from his strong business acumen, Mark was a caring and lovable man. He managed to break through the walls that Hannah had created around her heart. It was at Christmas that Hannah and her family realized that she has found a man with whom she can spend her rest of the live with. Hannah and Mark first met in New York during one of Mark’s business trips there.

Post their marriage, Hannah moves back to London and starts living in Mark’s beautiful house. Mark’s work is demanding and he is always on the move and travelled a lot to New York. It was during one of the business trips to New York, Mark doesn’t return to London on the promised day. After waiting for a while, Hannah felt that something is terribly wrong and she decides to take charge to find Mark and there unfolds a series of facts that she never knew about.

What stood out in this book for me was its pace. It’s racy and the plot is full of surprises that kept me hooked to this book. Lucie’s writing is simple and she knows how to engage a reader. The characters stood out and I felt like I was residing in Hannah’s headspace while she was furiously trying to know the whereabouts of Mark. Overall, ‘Before We Met’ turned out to be a perfect weekend read for me and I’m sure that it won’t disappoint you as well.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Bloomsbury
Genre : Fiction

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