Because Life Is A Gift – Disha

because-life-is-a-gift-400x400-imaeyapqakg28y6uI had absolutely loved Disha’s debut book, My Beloved’s MBA Plans. It was a well crafted piece of work that touched the lives of people who took plunge at crucial junctures of their lives to study further and came out victorious. With ‘Because Life Is A Gift’, Disha has surpassed what she’d bought on table with her first book. I consciously chose to read this book on my birthday and I think I took the right decision. Reading about hope and never give up attitude was the right way to enter into a brand new of my life and I am glad I did that.

‘Because Life Is a Gift’ is a tribute to differently abled people. Disha contacted several people out of which she managed to interview 24 who have created a mark in the world despite being physically disabled. These people who thought life has played the worst game with them and there is nothing more to look forward to, took charge of their situations and through sheer dedication and hard-work and not to forget immense will-power changed their lives and those around them.

I will not delve deeper into the contents of the book here because I feel one should read this book to understand what the lives of these people are all about and what the author is trying to say. ¬†All I would say is, read this book, read the stories of the people featured in the book and if their stories touch your heart, do write an e-mail to them thanking & congratulating them for whatever they’ve for themselves and for the society. Disha has given e-mail IDs of all the people towards the end of each chapter which I feel was an exceptional thought.

I must congratulate Disha for coming up with another book that kept me hooked from the very first page till the end and I am already looking forward to her next book.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Srishti Books
Genre : Non-Fiction
Price : Rs. 150/-

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