Be Careful What You Wish For – Jeffrey Archer

be-careful-what-you-wish-for-400x400-imadsm4j66arwurbAfter a year long wait and pondering on various permutations and combinations about what will happen to the characters after finishing the third book (Best Kept Secret) in The Clifton Chronicles series, I laid my hands on ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ as soon as it got released worldwide. I kept reading it whole day today just to find out what happens to the Cliftons and the Barringtons this time. And once again, Lord Archer, being a marvellous storyteller and a tease that he is, has managed to leave the story at a point where I just can’t wait for the next book in the series.

The story begins with Harry Clifton receiving a call from Emma telling him that their son, Sebastian has been killed in a car accident. Harry, who is on a book tour for his latest William Warwick book is in New York catches the first flight to London only to find out that it was not Sebastian who died in the car accident, but his companion for the journey, Bruno Martinez.

Pedro Martinez, who is anyway mad at the Cliftons and the Barringtons for what they did to him in the previous book goes all out there to seek revenge for his son Bruno’s death, among other reasons. This time his target becomes Barrington’s more than 100 years old shipping company and he plays on the front foot to ensure that the company goes bankrupt. He somehow manages to place Major Alex Fisher on the board of directors of the company to keep a close watch on the inside happenings. Ross Buchanan, the chairman of the company had to resign from his post after a debacle that has been carefully operated by Pedro to bring the company down and Emma Barrington takes over as the new chairman of the board which came as a shock for Pedro. Emma, being a strong headed woman that she is, fights the adversities that the shipping company is facing along with tumultuous affairs on her personal front as well.

Meanwhile, Sebastian, after the accident, starts working for Cedric Hardcastle, Chairman of the Farthings Bank, as his assistant. Being an intelligent man himself, Sebastian manages to impress his boss as he himself is a shrewd banker. Cedric Hardcastle plays an important role in the story and with an intelligent aide like Sebastian with him, manages to pull off an operation against Martinez that goes wrong time and again.

Some new characters and many old characters play an important role in taking the story forward. With his latest offering, Jeffrey Archer has again proved that there is no other storyteller like him. Just when you feel that the story is dragging a bit, he will bring in a twist that will make you sit straight and force you to turn pages to know what next and so on and so forth. For readers, who are keenly following The Clifton Chronicles series, some things in this book will take you by surprise and one particular happening in the book will leave you sad. And for those, who still haven’t laid their hands on The Clifton Chronicles series, it is never too late, start with the first book right away. And those like me, who are an ardent fan of the series, Keep Calm & Wait For 2015 for the next book in the series.

Book Source : Personal Copy
Publisher : Pan Macmillan
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 399/-

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