Assholes Of The Internet

Let me begin this post by this statement “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.”
Like everything else in this world, Internet has also its pros and cons. I remember back in 2003 when I was in Class 10, I started using Internet. At my home, the Internet connection was always there but Dad never allowed me to use it. And his take was absolutely right that it is one hell of an addiction. But, as school introduced us to the World Wide Web, it took me no time to become one “Asshole of the internet”. It started with creating an e-mail id at and after that it was like BOOM!!!!!! I was everywhere.
Internet cafes were the most happening places in those times. It was a race among all the Internet café’s of our area. Everyone was like “I have to provide users with cheap and best facilities”. Initially, my Internet surfing was all about GOOGLE. My friend introduced me to this website and I was stunned to see the power it had. Type anything and you’d get to know everything. Yes, everything. And that’s when; I got to know the power of Internet. Wasted hours and hours looking for something or nothing. It was one hell of an addiction. Same was the case with all my friends. And the most famous porn websites became the most surfed websites everywhere within like 15 days or so.  So, we all had a clue now what Internet was all about.
Ever since then, Internet has become an integral part of my life. Dad also gave me the access to the home internet services which were quite costly in those times and I literally burned holes in his pockets with the newly found addiction coz I was on the web almost all the time. 
Internet came most useful when I was in college. That’s where I got to know the meaning of Social Networking and jumped on to Orkut. You can read the whole story under the “Me + Social Networking” tab on my blog.  From Orkut to Facebook and Now on Twitter, one thing that I found common was People and their opinions about everything under the sun. Yes, even if they have no clue about the thing, they’re always up with their opinions.
Whenever there is any event, mishap, some statement by a celebrity or anything that happens, everyone gets loose motions. Their opinions flow out of their arses like anything. With thousands of posts and millions of tweets and Facebook updates, those news pieces become a topic of serious discussions for some and a matter of having fun by throwing lame jokes about everything and everyone related to those news pieces.
I’ve been observing this attitude of everyone from last few months on the Internet. Let there be anything that happens in any corner of the world, People are always up with their “Opinions” about everything. At some point of time, you would start feeling that “Have they been paid by someone to behave like such an asshole here?” Yes, that’s your opinion about them. You see, if you examine things critically, this world is driven by opinions only. Lets take some examples from real life itself.
Suppose, if you have worked on some project report, and on the day of presentation, just for the heck of it, you discuss it with your colleagues before presenting it to your boss, you would be flooded with opinions, comments both constructive and critical, which would surely make you go mad.  Same can be the case when you cook food for some guests who are coming at your place for dinner. You work so hard to ensure that you put the best food in front of them but then again, there would be discussions/opinions about taste, presentation, ingredients etc. etc. etc. We all do it. Lets be honest to ourselves at least.
I don’t know about others, but yes, I observe things with a keen eye. I might be wrong at times coz I am a human being, but yes, I do have an opinion about certain things. Everyone has and there is nothing wrong in having it. But, one must know, how, when and where an opinion should be puked out of your mouth and most importantly in “what way”.
The best way to offend a person and escape from his fury can be done by saying “This is my personal opinion”. I say, if you have a “personal opinion” about a thing, why the fuck do you want to share it with the world? Do you share your undergarments with others that are like ultra personal to you? I know, the answer would be no. It might be “yes” for some people but who gives a shit about it. The problem is, people just want to express their opinions.
2-3 days back, a lady on Twitter called every man a rapist. She was trolled by a lot of men and women. Men because it kicked their ego and self-esteem hard in their nuts and women because they are very satisfied with whatever physical pleasure they’re getting from their respective partners or whatever may be the reason. A lot of women say that. I don’t know whether they’re lesbians or what, but yes, that’s there opinion about men. The same is the case with men, if they see a lady, who is outgoing, talks openly about everything; they think that she would sleep with anyone and everyone. Yes, that’s the most common opinion about women that men have. It’s everywhere. The sanest people of the world would love to get naughty with their thoughts or with their body parts in the dark corners of their living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, gardens and yes public places too. Yes, that’s the truth.
In my last blog post, “WhatActually Drives Twitter” I’ve discussed some things, which are not only seen on twitter but in real world too. Most of the people are always up with some or the other issue. Yesterday only, there was something about Aligarh Muslim University(AMU) that was in the news and my Twitter Timeline was flooded with everyone’s take on AMU, its rules, what is wrong, what is right. COME ON People, who gives a shit about it? Nobody I guess, I believe that none of them are even thinking about the AMU case at the moment. With so much happening around the world, a fresh news piece smells like a stale and rotten fish in next 5 mins. With everything that is going viral these days, thanks to the Internet, it has given an exclusive right to people to throw their opinions out there in the open and let others react to it. Yes, most of the times the kind of outrage that it generates is unbearable and people end up bashing each other for no reason. The same is happening on the Internet every other day.
I always say one thing “The main reason of all the fuckery around is people and their opinions”. Think about this statement and let me know your take on it.
Yatin Gupta.

3 thoughts on “Assholes Of The Internet

  1. God aggressive blog. Pretty much on similar grounds on how I ask people to shut up on their personal comments; people who just bark but do nothing else in reality.

    Good blog !

  2. I too agree with you…but “my personal Opinion” 😀 is that we should not take these opinions the people giving them are also not so serious about them.So just chill and IGNORE!:)

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