Anurag Kashyap – A PERFECT story teller

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I have no clue why I am writing this post. May be because I am astounded by the movie that I finished watching some 30 minutes back, Gangs Of Wasseypur – 2. MIND BOGGLING is the word for it. I mean honestly, one of the best Bollywood flicks that I have seen so far. I was eagerly waiting for it since I watched Gangs Of Wasseypur – 1.

Be it any movie, that he is associated with, it would have an impact on you. Let’s begin with Water and Satya, both masterpieces in their own way, where he contributed as a screenwriter, and out of all the movies that he has directed till now i.e.
I have not seen Paanch because it has not been released but I do wish to see it. In today’s times, very few people in Bollywood actually know the art of story telling,  and I dont mind in saying that Anurag Kashyap pwns each one of them when it comes to it. The detailing, direction, characterization, everything is just flawless. At least, you won’t get bored provided you have patience, in any of his movies. And I have almost seen all the movies that he has produced till now, they are 

One of the best things about his movies is, every character is well defined. If a character is coming in the picture, his present, past, future, everything is shown and in a complete no non-sense manner. One has to be very very attentive while watching his flicks and once you miss a point, then it becomes difficult to catch up with the storyline. Also, I would like to mention the casting, specially the female leads, take Kalki Koechlin, Mahie Gill, and all the ladies who played different characters in Gangs Of Wasseypur, class actors. Each one of them leaves a long lasting impression on you.

And how can we forget the music. Just so apt for each and every situation. As everyone knows, almost each movie of his belongs to the Dark movie genre, but he never compromises with the music of any movie. There would be 1-2 songs from each of the album that you would remember for forever.

Every time I come out of the auditoriums after watching his flicks, I am so lost in the dark world that he creates that it takes me a while to get out of it. I am sure, he would continue creating magic on the silver screen and I am definitely gonna be there in the audience applauding and praising him every time because he hasn’t disappointed me so far and I am sure he won’t do that in future also.


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  1. Indeed AK is a genius. Probably d best director in Hindi film industry at present. Also, I didn’t knew that HR is directed by AK. AK directed an animation movie? #Surprising

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