Anti-Social Network – Piyush Jha

anti-social-network-400x400-imadw435tzz9snv6Most of have become social-networking junkies. I myself spend a better part of my day on Twitter like many others. Now, what Piyush Jha has done here in Anti-Social Network is something commendable. He took something, twisted it on its head and presented it in the form of a racy thriller which is hard to put down. Also, I am officially a Inspector Virkar fan after reading Anti-Social network. Inspector Virkar is the protagonist of the Mumbaistan series by Piyush Jha. The guy is intelligent, outspoken and works like a machine and knows when and how to hit the nail on its head.

Coming to the plot, a couple of tech-savvy people run a group on the internet and use it for blackmailing people and sextortion. A series of killings take place and the dead bodies are mutilated in gruesome ways. Chasing the killer becomes tough for Inspector Virkar because he is not computer savvy but thanks to his love interest, she introduces him to Richard, a computer hacker. Virkar and Richard try everything that’s possible to track down this ruthless gang of people who are behind these killings but somehow don’t succeed. The mastermind remains one step ahead of Virkar and team and creates a situation that can ruin Virkar reputation for forever.

This and a lot more happens in Anti-Social network. Piyush Jha knows how to keep a reader hook and there’s never a dull moment in his stories.¬†Anti-Social network is a 190 page book which can be read over a span of 2 hours. A perfect friday night read or one a short journey, this book will not let your mind wander around. Read it.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Rupa Books
Genre : Thriller
Price : Rs. 195/-

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