An Ordinary Life – Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Let’s face the reality – Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a household name these days. Here is an average looking individual, who came out of nowhere, did some small little roles here & there, then did Gangs of Wasseypur (Thanks to Anurag Kashyap) and BOOM! He became a superstar overnight and a favorite of millions of people across the globe. I have seen his various interviews in bits & pieces and always enjoyed hearing his experiences. The way he speaks and his candor is something that will impress you from the word go. When I got to know that he has come out with a memoir, I couldn’t myself to write to Penguin Random House and like always, they promptly sent me a review copy and I finished reading it in straight 3.5 hours.

An ordinary life is an honest and gripping account of Nawazuddin’s life. Eldest of 9 siblings, he comes from a very humble background. In the book, he has dedicated chapters on his father & mother where he talks in detail about his relationship with his parents and how their upbringing molded him in the person that he is today.

The most interesting part for me in the whole book is when he explains how he realized that he wants to become an actor and then went on to explain his journey to become on and how he went through various hardships, how he applied his observations & experiences with various people he had known over the years to enhance his craft, how his love-life and relationships helped him realize what he was seeking and a lot more. My favorite anecdote from his book is the one where he explains how his ex-wife’s relative got him to divorce his ex-wife while he was peeing.

Narrated exactly like the way Nawazuddin speaks, the book will pull you in right from the word go. You will turn pages after pages out of sheer curiosity to know what happens next. I must say, Rituparna Chatterjee has done a great job in bringing all the pieces of Nawazuddin’s life together in a package which is definitely going to sell like hot cakes.

If you are a Nawazuddin Siddiqui fan, just like I am, I’d strongly suggest you to not to miss out on reading this book.

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