An Evening With The Best Selling Authors

Before I begin to tell you what I experienced last evening, I would really like to thank Westland Books because it would not have been possible without them. So, thanks a ton Westland Books and I look forward to many such opportunities. 
So, thats how it began. I was in a meeting and I got an e-mail from Shalini Raghavan from Westland about a book launch, it had invites for the launch of hindi translations of five books namely and also for the announcement of their new joint venture with Yatra Books.
1. The Secret Of Nagas – By Amish Tripathi – नागाओं का रहस्य
2. Chanakya Chants – By Ashwin Sanghi – चाणक्य मंत्र
3. Hello Bastar – By Rahul Pandita – सलाम बस्तर
4. Two Fates : The Story Of My Divorce – By Judy Balan – मेरी शादी के साइड ईफेक्ट्स
5. Women & The Weight Loss Tamasha – Rujuta Devekar – विमेन और वेट लौस का तमाशा
The first name of the list was awesome enough to convince me for this one. I have recently finished reading the first two parts of The Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi and I am eagerly waiting for its third and the final book, and I was so looking forward to meet him once and I thought probably I will get this chance at the release of the third book only. But to my surprise it happened much earlier and that too last evening only. 
The venue was India International Centre, Lodhi Road, Delhi and the event kicked off almost on time. As soon as I entered the auditorium, Amish was standing right in front of me. I might sound like a teenager here, but I was like WOW. 
The host of the evening Neeta Gupta, started off with introduction of the guests of the evening i.e. Amish Tripathi, Rahul Pandita & Ashwin Sanghi along with Gautam Padmanabhan from Westland Books. Namita Gokhale from Yatra books was so excited about this new venture and it was clearly visible when she addressed the evening and so was Mr. Padmanabhan. He came up with a few facts and one of them clearly blown my mind that nearly 7.5 lac copies of the first two books of The Shiva Trilogy i.e. The Immortals Of Meluha and The Secret Of Nagas have been sold till now and it has generated a business of almost 17 crores. This is like HUGE. And then they unwrapped the books. 
Gautam Padmanabhan, Amish Tripathi, Ashwin Sanghi, Rahul Pandit, Namita Gokhle, Renuka Chatterjee (From L to R)
After that, all the three authors, starting with Rahul Pandita, followed by Ashwin Sanghi and then Amish Tripathi came up and shared their past experiences and what inspired them to write. Ashwin gave credit to his maternal grandfather while Amish remembered his paternal grandfather and how he taught him a very important thing in life i.e. “Some things you to satisfy your hunger, but there are some things that one must do to satisfy his heart”.
Amish Tripathi sharing his story
Rahul Pandita shared how he started off his career with Zee TV and he is currently working with the weekly magazine called “Open” and how he came up with the idea of writing his book “Hello Bastar” which is about Maoists.
Rahul Pandita
Post that, Ghazala Amin, a famous media personality from Delhi read a few excerpts from the books Judy Balan and Rujuta Devekar. And I must say, she was brilliant. It felt like we are listening to some pre-recorded dialogue. She was so good. Post that, Neeta thanked all the guests and asked everyone to join the cocktails. 
The best part of the evening was, when I got my copies of both the Amish Tripathi’s books signed by him. Its a privilege to have signed copy of the books that you loved reading. I had to wait for it but it was worthy because Amish was busy giving interview to a journalist and I was standing right next to him listening to the story of his life. And finally I got this 😀 
YaY 😀
So, that was it. One more addition to the list of memorable events of my life. Came back home and ordered all the four books in the list straight away from Flipkart and I think I will review few of them here on my blog sometime soon.

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