Aisle Be Damned – Rishi Piparaiya

aisle-be-damned-400x400-imadz3w7zfmkzjdnI have always believed that a person who travels a lot has always got tons of stories to tell and a person who has got strong observation skills and travels a lot can be good storyteller and Rishi Piparaiya proved me right there.

I came across Aisle Be Damned by Rishi Piparaiya while browsing through an e-commerce website and when I read its blurb, I was like, this sounds hilarious, let’s give it a shot and trust me the book is HILARIOUS from the word go. I just kept laughing all the time while reading it. It is an exceptionally hilarious take on everything that one can relate with air travel.

In some 216 pages, the author has summed almost everything that can go wrong and right when you are air travelling. From what can go right when you step into the airport to what can go wrong while you choose your seat, meal and whatever else that an airline has got to offer. Every single person who has ever flown can relate to the book and those who do not like to travel by air and yet have to do that, they will relate with the every single thing mentioned in the book.

I finished reading this book is less than four hours and laughed out loud dunno how many times.  I absolutely loved the tagline (swaying hips, praying lips and flying tips) of the book, which is a bit cheesy but as you will read the book you would understand what author is trying to convey through it. My only problem with the book was those pictures and weird tag-lines which I personally feel didn’t add much to the what author was trying to portray. Overall, I liked the book. I think I will read it again and is Rishi plans to write a sequel for this one, I am definitely reading it.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Jaico Books
Genre : Humour, Non-fiction
Price : Rs. 250/-

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