A year in advertising!

word cloud - advertisingIf I have to exaggerate things about myself then I would like to say, I was born with a creative instinct. Just like every other person on this planet. I did some creative stuff in school, earned good grades, then some more during my graduation, earned some fame and then some more whenever I got an opportunity in my career. I started believing that I can pull off any creative task in this universe. How wrong was I, how bloody wrong.

Last year, on the same date i.e. 20th October, I joined my current organization. It was “a dream come true”. Sharing workplace with some of the best and popular minds in Indian advertising space. People, who have made their mark in this field and are always kicked about taking things to the next level. And I, in my small little world, was quite convinced that I would fit well in this place. How wrong was I, how bloody wrong!

The realization struck when my ex-boss dissected the hell out of a small presentation that I had made, my very first presentation since I joined. I was quite convinced that he would go all-gaga about my skills and the first question (after skimming through some 9-10 odd slides) he asked was, Where is the “thought” behind this? I tried to explain but I kept struggling, I couldn’t convince him that I had given proper thought before putting this deck together.

And that is where I started seeing the other side of the things, not quite clearly though. I was eager to learn; raring to go and impress people out there but all of a sudden I started feeling handicapped. I had no idea where things were going wrong. Was I a misfit or I had no idea about how things function? I started doubting myself, my confidence hit rock-bottom and I was left with two options – Either I quit or I do something about this situation and I guess, by this time, you (the reader) must have figured out what I chose to do? Yes, you are right, I did something about it.

I guess the first step that I took in the right direction was to unlearn whatever I had learnt. I realized that while I had a fair idea about how to do things, I was quite clueless about “why to do those things?” And after a year, I still struggle to find an answer to “Why”. May be this will come with time. Only thing that I need to do is, never stop trying!

Another thing that I started doing was, I started listening and observing. I was always a good observer, but listener, I am not really sure. I always wanted to speak, but I guess, this last one-year has taught me to be a good listener because if you will listen properly, you will always do the right thing or to put things in perspective, you would approach things in the right way.

Apply filters. One must learn to do that, I am still learning. You should know when to do what, when to say what and when not to say what. It is important.

These were a few things among all the other things that I learnt in my last one year and I am happy about the fact that I am learning something new every day.

I think advertising is the only field that gives you an opportunity to learn something new every single day because what’s relevant today may be totally redundant tomorrow resulting in you becoming wiser by the day. And I guess, the same is happening with me. Let’s see where it takes me. I am ready to give it all.

I definitely have a couple of people to thank who have been an integral part of this journey but I would not name them here. They know who they are and they always mean well and have been supportive, no matter how difficult was I to deal with.

Signing off for now! Tomorrow is going to be the beginning of a whole new year of my professional life, let’s see how it unfolds. I am quite excited to see the future!

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “A year in advertising!

  1. I am so proud of you, so so much! Such a pleasure to have witnessed the transition from the seemingly rude person, who was actually very child-like, to a successful professional. I knew you’d do well, but you surpassed my expectations.
    Keep learning, keep evolving, and keep scaling newer heights. Hugs!

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