A Restless Wind – Shahrukh Hussain

a-restless-wind-400x400-imadzak4tdzwzhvqThe sole reason behind picking this book by Shahrukh Hussain, a British writer of Pakistani origin was its beautiful cover. I had never heard about this author but after reading the blurb of the book, I thought of giving it a shot with a promise that if I found it boring, I will put the book down and will not pick it up again but that has clearly not happened.

A restless wind is a tale intertwined with past and the present of the protagonist Zara, who is a successful lawyer at the age of 35, a Muslim living in Britain. Married to an englishman, she is about to become the counsel of the Queen, very soon. Her life is pretty much sorted as it looked from outside but inside her brain, she was confused and restless. Though, she has been portrayed as a very strong and engaging protagonist by the author since the very beginning of the book but as you go forward, you get into the skin of the character and empathise with the dilemmas she is going through.

One day, Zara receives a incomplete letter from her aunt Hana, who had raised Zara when she was abandoned by her mother. Aunt Hana is on a death-bed and requests Zara to come home immediately. Meanwhile, Zara meets Parveen, a client, who has been a victim of Hindu-Muslim riots in Gujrat and seeks asylum.

Zara’s aunt’s unfortunate death leaves her with a mystery, a mission regarding her will. During her quest, secrets are revealed, accusations placed, and among all this, she is rekindled with her first love, the Maharaja of Trivikram himself. Laced with tension between Hindus and Muslims in Gujarat, the author also tells us how the rajas of the princely states try to find their place in an evolving nation. The first half of the book is driven by all the main characters and the second half has various subplots that are self-driven and add multiple dimensions to the story which lead nowhere and that sadly leaves the ending a bit rushed in a disordered fashion.

Overall, Hussain’s A Restless Wind is a pleasant read. It may or may not appeal to a large section of readers. It is a book to be read with a lot of patience.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Picador India
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 499/-

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