A Rendezvous with Imperfect Mr.Right …

Since past few days, with nothing much on my plate, I thought, its a wise thing to do to catch up with a long lost passion. Reading. I’d been missing out on reading due to work load and many other things going around. Read a few blogs, articles and what not and then I came across a blog, which was about a writer and her experience with her first book which was published.
Most of us think about writing random stuff and share it with the world. Internet has opened up numerous avenues for all of us and I can see only a few are using it wisely. So, coming back to the blog that I read, belong to a writer from Mumbai Shakti Salgaonkar, who tweets with the handle @ShaaqT. She had appeared many times on my TL because of the stuff that she tweets. I still don’t follow her. One day, I was just hovering around on twitter and thought, may be I should have a look at her blog, and I came across this post
which was about her first book launch. IMPERFECT MR. RIGHT.
As I was looking for something very random to read, her blog post motivated me to order her book and without any second thoughts, I logged on to Flipkart and ordered her book.
To be honest, there is something very intriguing about her writing that I found through her blog post and may be that’s the reason, I ordered her book. Not that I’m very choosy about what I read, but yes at times, you just pick up something very random to read like I did this time.
This blog post, is not just a review, but my personal experience with the book. Flipkart delivered the book to me the very next day after I placed my order and that’s what I like about Flipkart, and the moment I got my packet in my hand, I opened it up and hence the Rendezvous with Imperfect Mr. Right began.
I’m pretty sure that most of us miss out on the acknowledgement part of any text that we read, but I never miss out on it because it tells you a lot about the writer and his/her dedication and sincerity towards whatever he/she is going to present to you. So, the ride began with again an honest acknowledgment by Shakti where she thanked everyone who is associated with the book and the most of the credit goes to her parents, because they let her cook stories all her life.
The Acknowledgment reminded me of a story that I read in Class XI curriculum, named “The Open Window”. I remember the central  character’s name Vera, who was very good with cooking up stories and how she cracks up a man with an instantly cooked up story. Quite a good one that was.
So, with not many expectations in my head, I started with the book, and the simplicity and an untangled story made me hook to it. I’ve always appreciated people who can express their thoughts in a plain simple way. Complexity is definitely not my cup of tea and hence I quite liked the book.
The protagonists of the book Rahul and Tanya, their lives and the complications of their lives have been put in a very simple yet effective way. At some points, I could relate myself with Tanya and the things she faced on her career front. The side characters such as Rosie, Anita, Ravi, Tanya’s Dad, Sherry, Mr.Menon, Karan have been given their due credit very wisely in the story. At times, you would feel that the story hops from one domain to another, but I feel there lies the punch of the whole story. A good writer would never leave any loose ends in the story or may be one or two which would give a reader to ponder on what would be the next thing that the characters of the story would come up with.
So, by not giving any spoilers about the book and its story, I would recommend you to shell some bucks out of your pockets and buy this book, I am sure you would like it, but to be honest, do not keep your expectations high. Its a light read that has got substantial potential to keep you hooked till the end and will put a light smile on your face in the end.

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