A Cool Dark Place – Supriya Dravid

a-cool-dark-place-400x400-imadmkgjffhucmsqSeptember was a very good month in terms of reading. More because I read some of the finest books that I have read so far and A Cool Dark Place by Supriya Dravid is definitely one of them. With a very intriguing and heart warming cover, this book again came with a very strong recommendation by a fellow reader. The moment I read its blurb, I said to myself that there is no way I am going to give it a miss. Thanks to the publishers who sent me a review copy of it.

Zephyr, the protagonist of the book, her life is written by two drunkards post her faux father’s suicide. Her grandfather, Don, violated her in every possible way and through these tapestries of dark and ancient force she forms a special bond with her mother who takes her down a memory lane by piecing together various fragments of her past.

There was never a single instance in this book that made me feel that its a debut work of an author. Carefully chosen words intricately woven into a narrative that compels a reader to delve into the story and establishes a strong connection between the reader and the characters of the story is how I would like to define A Cool Dark Place in a single sentence.

Your heart wrenches multiple times for Zephyr while you are reading this book, you end up hating characters and incidents which decide the discourse of Zephyr’s life. There are some 50-60 quotes in the book that you would not mind sharing it with people, I did that a lot. The first quote at the beginning of chapter 1 is my favourite quote from the book that I am sharing here

“Memory is a beautiful, generous thing. But it is also such a bastard. It is the contamination of the mind”

The moment I read this line, I was assured that this is going to be one hell of a book and I wasn’t wrong. The book didn’t disappoint me at all and I strongly recommend it. Kudos to Supriya Dravid for her debut work and more power to her so that she writes such brilliant stuff in future as well and I hope a lot of people read this book.

Book Source : Publishers
Publisher : Vintage Books, Random House India
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 450/-

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