A Calculated Life!

On this lousy, hot and humid Saturday morning while listening to Block Party songs on VH1, I tweeted this 
“Calculated thoughts! Calculated Dreams! Calculated Wishes! A Mechanical Life.”
and then someone added a few more things “Calculated Smiles.. Tears..Expressions… “ which motivated me to write to this blog post.
Calculations have always played an important part in our lives. Be its sharing a part of your chocolate with your sibling or friend, or sharing your favorite food. We always calculate. 
Ever thought that even our brain is all about calculations. Suppose if we are lying to someone, or being bluntly honest, we calculate the amount of rage, tears, sadness, happiness and shock our doing would generate and accordingly we throw our thoughts out towards the other person or may be not, at times . At times, during the course of our action, we do not think about the effects of our words/doings, but when its done and dusted, we do think and realize we could have calculated everything and could have acted accordingly. Yes, happens with me most of the times. 
At times I am brutally honest, but then later I realize I could have avoided that confrontation. That’s when the calculator of emotions, thoughts runs in full swing and a myriad of assessment notes get piled up in an empty corner or my mind. You know, you just can’t it. 
Not stereotyping, but I feel most of us go through the same thing and this can be seen on almost all the social networking websites. At times, if you go to your favorite restaurant and want to order your favorite dish, you quickly calculate in your mind, that how much weight it is going to put on your pocket/credit card. Yes, we all think that, and I would not buy a No, because I know at some point in your life you have faced this situation. 
I don’t know how to conclude this post, neither I would like to rake my brain to find a proper ending to this one. I just want to say, if you are calculating everything in your life, your are doing it wrong. I know I am doing it wrong. Are you ?

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