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99-unforgettable-fiction-non-fiction-poetry-humour-400x400-imadxtzhgwpzqaduLet me just begin this post by saying that I have not read much of Khushwant Singh but whatever little I have, I absolutely love it. There is one thing that Khushwant Singh’s writing has taught me and that is, to always call a spade, a spade. Be unabashedly apologetic what you think and what you stand for in life and when it comes to expressing your opinion, just say the way it is. 99 by Khushwant Singh just reconfirmed everything above and the book is definitely one of my favourite reads of 2014. 99 is a collection of Singh’s unforgettable fiction, non-fiction, poetry & humour published by Aleph Books and edited by Mr. David Davidar himself.

The book has been divided into three parts and begins with Non-Fiction written by Singh under various categories, his family matters, about his love for the country, Sikhs, Religion (He had some very strong opinions on religion and how people use and abuse it), Pakistan, People, Nature, Sex, Heart and emotions, Rants (This part was something I enjoyed to the most) and how to live and die. Every single chapter of the above sections had me thinking about what all he’d said. As a reader, I had to stop myself and think about the points that he had raised and most of the times I found myself in agreement with him.

The next section of the book consists of Fiction and Poetry written by Singh. Some excerpts from his famous fiction works, carefully selected to add multiple dimensions to this book such as Train to Pakistan, Burial at Sea, The Sunset and some more. The section about Toba Tek Singh enthralled me and as I am not too fond of poetry, I just read the last section of the book as a normal reader.

99 is a book that must be read by everyone who loves reading. Carefully edited, this book is a treasure in its own way with one of the finest writers that our country had. This book has urged me to collect more of Khushwant Singh’s works and read them and I am just going to do that.

Book Source: Flipkart
Publisher : Aleph Book Company
Genre : Fiction/Non-Fiction
Price : Rs. 699/-

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