60 Minutes – Upendra Namburi

60-minutes-400x400-imadvrcg5pyzxc3dThere are very few books that can make me sit straight and finish them in a single go. Two Indian authors who manage to do so time and again when it comes to corporate thrillers/drama are Ravi Subramanian and Upendra Namburi.  I remember reading Upendra Namburi’s 31 when it had came to me for review finishing it in a matter of 8 hours. His latest offering 60 minutes took even less as I couldn’t stop myself from turning its pages.

What happens when the professionals in an organisation are trying to reach the top of the food chain no matter what it takes? 60 minutes is the perfect answer to this question. Agastya is the blue-eyed boy when it comes to corporate success, he is ambitious, arrogant and doesn’t give a damn about what’s happening around the world until unless it is affecting him directly or indirectly. As a CMO of one of the biggest FMCG companies, he leads the pack when it comes to a new product launch and towards the end of the most crucial moments of achieving another milestone in his career, things start falling apart for him. All he’s got is 60 minutes to save everything he has i.e. his job and his marriage.

Maithili, not so lucky when it comes to love has some score to settle with Agastya and she’s decides to turn his life upside down in the same 60 minutes and then there is Sailesh, a mathematical genius and strategy expert, who has got 60 minutes to decimate his enemy.

Being from the marketing and advertising industry myself, I could very well understand and relate to what’s happening in the book and that’s what clicked for me. Upendra Namburi knows how to keep a reader on his toes and he does exactly the same in 60 minutes. Unexpected twists and turns where reputations, relationships, marriages and more than anything else, the extreme lust for power is at stake. 60 minutes will definitely make for a perfect weekend read for those who’re looking for a well crafted book. Give it a shot.

Book Source : Flipkart
Genre : Corporate Thriller, Drama
Publisher : Westland Books
Price : Rs. 350/-

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