50,000 and some more – A Journey!

First of all, thank you to the reader of this post. You have been a constant support and that’s why this mark of 50,000 pageviews has been achieved. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope you will keep coming back to read what I share here.

Blogging, or should I say writing was never my cup of tea. I used to loathe it since school. I was okay with English as a subject, I used to score okayish marks and I did quite well in class. Communicating in english was never a problem, thanks to 50 paisa per word (in hindi) fine that I paid during my class 5th in my school. It helped me a lot and will continue to help me.

Since past couple of months, all I have been doing is reading and blogging. With nothing much to do these days and too many unwanted situations, I found a whole new world in books and sharing my thoughts about books with the world. Family and friends have been cussing me a lot for doing this to myself.

I keep reading, all the time or either I am on my laptop. I just don’t like meeting people, I am happy in my own fictional world or as we call it the virtual world. I am liking it. May be its just a phase, but what matters is I am enjoying it thoroughly. I think I have grown as a person in past couple of months. I have calmed down a lot though I still can’t tolerate bullshit being thrown at me, I don’t think anyone can tolerate that.

Reading has been a great escape for me. I am pushing people to read. It keeps you sane. It balances your life in a mysterious way. You just have to figure out what works for you. Reading works for me, it may be cooking for you, or may be sleeping whole day, or may be painting, figure it out and do it soon because you are missing out on a lot. I must thank all the publishing houses for sending me the review copies of the books. Westland Books,  Random House India, Harper Collins India, Fingerprint, Grapevine, Leadstart Publications, Hachette India, Pan Macmillan, I have been getting review copies of books from all these publishers and I hope the relationship continues and grows with time and the latest publisher on board is Wiley India. Also to authors whom I met and their contribution towards this journey.

And also to Sam, I will always owe this to you. Always. You pushed the right button at the right time and look where I am. Thank you so much!

Before wrapping this post up, I would again like to thank everyone who has commented, shared the links, gave their inputs and helped me when the website was hacked recently, must mention Renu and Rahul Bhaiyya’s name here who supported me throughout and kept a check on the progress of everything. Thank you, thank you everyone!

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