50 Writers 50 Books – Edited By Pradeep Sebastian & Chandra Siddan

50-writers-50-books-the-best-of-indian-fiction-400x400-imadgx6cgm7jbuxrA book about books, and on top of it, prominent authors are sharing their thoughts on their favourite work in Indian fiction, what could have been a better treat for a bibliophile. 50 writers 50 books is a collection of essays by 50 prominent writers and is an absolutely delightful read for the ones who are literature lovers and as well as the for the curious people like me. I picked up this book purely out of a whim and ended up making a long list of books that I am definitely going to read in future.

A very interesting thing that I noted about this book was that a lot of authors’ favourite work is in the regional languages, something that is not so popular in our country. There are some hidden gems lying in many regional languages but to translate them and keeping their essence of these stories intact is something that is a tough thing to do. Moreover, there are people who have read these original works in their native form and have kind of detested every single translation that we have available today.

The introduction of the book sums up the entire book quite well and you would know what you will be offered in next 320 pages. Arunava Sinha, Nilanjana Roy, Anita Roy, Pankaj Mishra, Anjum Hasan, Mita Kapur, Kishwar Desai and the likes of them have candidly shared their thoughts on the best indian fiction that they have read so far.

Another very interesting part about this book is, each of the author have shared their experiences with their favourite book. They have not hesitated for a single moment in telling what they didn’t like in the book and how it worked or didn’t work for them.

Pradeep Sebastian and Chandra Siddan have edited each essay in such a way that the language remains extremely crisp and compelling and the reader goes into a different world altogether where you feel you are sitting with all these authors and discussion books. From personal to scholarly and stylish to provocative, this book ┬áis something that would definitely trigger myriad of thoughts in a reader’s mind.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Collins Books
Genre : Non-Fiction
Price : Rs. 499/-

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