50 Shades of Christian Grey or Anastasia Steele?

(Combined review for the 50 Shades trilogy i.e. 50 Shades Of Grey, 50 Shades Darker and 50 Shades Freed by E.L. James) 
Sex Sells, Eh? Well, this is what most of us believe when we hear about 50 shades of grey trilogy and it becoming one of the fastest best sellers in the world. Well, nothing wrong there. It indeed promotes erotica in a whole new light. But honestly, for me, it was more about a journey of a much messed up man with a much sorted woman.
When I heard of the book (50 Shades of Grey, didn’t know then that it was a trilogy) for the first time because of the reasons well known to everyone, I decided to pick it up without any second thoughts. Initially it will make you think, will it offer what it promises? But then after a few chapters, it doesn’t disappoint you for what you have picked up the first book. Erotica is definitely an integral part of the trilogy and I would not like to sound stupid by denying that. But, if you can look beyond erotica, there is a complicated story woven in a very simple and intriguing way.
Some 1600 odd pages of a roller coaster ride, and the best part is, you don’t have too many characters to deal with. Its mainly about two people, madly, deeply in love and their efforts to keep up with each other. A dominating, suave, handsome businessman (Christian Grey) who is trying to fight with the ghosts of his past, who wants to control everything in his vicinity along with a young, strong and brave girl (Anastasia Steele) , who has her dreams to keep up with. In spite of the constant pressure, stalking and his weird mood swings, she ensures that nothing goes wrong between them while the man keeps her on her toes and tests her patience and limits on almost every 3rd page of the whole story. He can be as stubborn, adamant and as challenging as one can’t even imagine, yet she gives her 100 percent to keep up with him. Thats where I fell for Anastasia Steele, the protagonist of the story. The title of the trilogy says, 50 shades of Grey, if given a chance, I would really like to rename it to 50 Shades of Steele. Yes, for me the book is more about Anastasia Steele and her life with her Mr.Fifty Shades.
There are too many turning points in the story which would definitely kick your brain, at least it did for me. And its definitely not a hardcore porn as many people are claiming it to be. The whole trilogy is an addiction and I was hooked to it for the whole 2 weeks. You would always crave for more and more while reading through it. For those who are into any sort of serious reading, I would definitely suggest you to put this trilogy in your list and read it sometime.

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