Coffee, Cheesecake and Conversations with Arunava Sinha

Dozakhnama, Conversations In Hell between Ghalib and Manto is written by Rabi Sankar Bal in […]

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I decided to read 55 when I read one of the interviews by Chetan Chhatwal […]

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( The original book is in Marathi. It has been translated into English by Shalaka […]

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This genre of Erotic fiction has kind of blown up these days. Thanks to 50 […]

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True Colors Of Love is I.R Shankar’s second book that came in with An Adolescent […]

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The review request for An Adolescent Mind came in through e-mail. I still wonder how […]

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 I came across Beating The Blues when Random House India agreed to sponsor a the […]

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Ever since this book review syndrome has hit me, I have been hearing a lot […]