Book Review – 14 Hours – Ankur Chawla

These days I am super overloaded with book review requests. I have somehow stopped taking […]

Result – Giveaway 10 – Iora & The Quest Of Five – Arefa Tehsin

So keeping up with the tradition, I must thank Fingerprint Publishing for agreeing to sponsor […]

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Result – Giveaway 7 – The Sari Shop Widow – Shobhan Bantwal

First of all, thanks to Fingerprint Publishing and the author Shobhan Bantwal to come on […]

Result – Giveaway 6 : The Edge Of The Machete – Abhisar Sharma

First of all, THANK YOU everyone who participated and spread a word about the giveaway.  […]

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Book Review – A Bolt Of Lightning – Satyen Nabar

Satyen Nabar with his debut book, “A Bolt Of Lightning” contacted me a couple of […]

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