50,000 and some more – A Journey!

First of all, thank you to the reader of this post. You have been a […]

Book Review – Serendipity – Ashok Ferrey

Serendipity by Ashok Ferrey is one of the few books, that I constantly dropped reading […]

Book Review – Unaccustomed Earth – Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri, whenever I hear this name, it reminds me of The Namesake. What a […]

Book Review – Nothing To Lose – Lee Child

Lee Child, a popular name but this was his first book that I have read […]

Book Review – 2012 Nights – Vipul Rikhi

21st December 2012, supposedly a doomsday predicted by Mayans thousands of years ago. Vipul Rikhi’s […]

Book Review – The Youngest Suspect – Peggy Mohan

Gujarat Riots of 2002 left a lot of things in a bizarre way. The Youngest […]

Book Review – Life Of Pi – Yann Martel

Life Of Pi was given to me by Rukun when I went to Random House […]

Book Review – Open – Andre Agassi

Open, though its a popular book about world’s best tennis player but I first got […]

Book Review – The Bottom Line – Sonu V C

I am not much of a fan of self help and philosophy books to be […]

Happy Diwali ! :)

Diwali, the name itself it exciting. I dont understand that why anyone can not like […]

Happy Birthday To Me :)

A birthday post. Procrastinated a lot whether I should write it or not but then, […]

Interview – Smita Shetty – Author – Untruly Yours

A lot of authors are making debut these days and it is always interesting to […]

Book Review – The Sari Shop Widow – Shobhan Bantwal

When the publisher sent me the blurb of the book along with its cover picture, […]