2012 on the whole!!

With Mayans prediction about the world ending on December 21, 2012, I was kind of looking forward to it. Too many things had gone wrong but still I was keeping up with everything. It is actually very tough to make me cry, but I cried, like a lot in this year but then at the end of 2012, I wish to tell the world that I am proud of what I am today. Call me selfish, egoistic, materialistic, ┬ánon-friendly, a guy who prefers virtual world more than real, but I feel happy and content at this moment and which is what is important for me. Though there are things which are too messed up at the moment but I know that I will sort everything out very soon as I don’t have any other option.

2012 on the whole taught me a lot. It actually taught me to judge people, which I know is not a very good thing. It taught me to cut down my opinions on everything and also to express myself better through different mediums. I started reading, read a lot actually. Made a name in the blogging community and also developed a whole new perspective about things around me. Anger management is something I still have to work on but yes I have controlled it too. Silence is golden & Ignorance is bliss are two things I learnt in 2012 and I am glad I am practicing both the things in the best possible way.

Professionally, 2012 made me walk on a pretty zigzag track but its okay. Its a part of life. All the humans have this tendency to take things for granted if they go on smoothly for a long period of time.

Relationships went for a toss in 2012. Lost a set of friends, which is kind of okay. I do feel sad about it but not sorry. If people could not understand you in all these years, how can you expect them to keep up with you for the rest of your life. So, its pretty okay. I wish them all the very best. Nothing against anyone. Its actually good that we all have moved on and are focussing on better things. Family is pretty okay with whatever I am doing at the moment. Made a lot of new friends through virtual mediums but now they have a special place in my life. So, all and all, profit and loss there.

The best moment of 2012 for me was to see and hear Jeffrey Archer live. I am not boasting but seriously those moments have a very special place in my heart. For 2013, I have a goal set in my mind and I have to achieve it anyhow. Already working on it and I hope to finish it by mid 2013.

The only thing which I am proud about is my little collection of books. I have almost read all of them and that makes me feel really happy. Met a couple of authors and was lucky enough to share my experience with their books and other things. An inspiration in its own way.

Resolutions for 2013 ? Well, LOSE WEIGHT, thats the only resolution I have for 2013. I have become a couch potato and enough of it already now, now I need to cut down on things and focus on health. Have already started working towards it and I am sure I would achieve this by the end of the year.

That pretty much sums up 2012 for me. Not a pretty good year on the whole. A few good memories and a lot of bad ones. Thumbs down to 2012 and dear 2013, you better be good to me. I am seriously expecting a lot from you.

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